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Official news and announcements.
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By wingsman2 a Aug 7, 18
This is where we talk about things on the server.
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By wingsman2 a Aug 8, 18
This is where mods post all info when they take corrective action on a player. It is also where players can submit appeals for action taken on them for breaking rules. To submit an appeal, find your thread and replay to it with why you deserve an appeal.
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By hophop408 Jul 26, 18
This is area is for donor and higher ranks to learn about updates or post questions or problems about server donations.
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By Dubski24 Jan 14, 18
Discussion about general topics.
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By zacherymiwar Jul 17, 18
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By hophop408 Sep 1, 17
This forum is set up a little different than most other forums. This is where you can post issues or things you would like to talk about somewhat discreetly. Only you, Mod+, and server admins can see what you post here.
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By Ceondoc Aug 4, 18
This area is set up so that you can report private issues directly to me, pilotdan1985. Only you and me can see our conversations here. DO NOT post useless topics here. If you have general questions or problems that mods can handle please use the other forums.
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By lisamisa Jul 22, 18
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